Molecular diagnostics in veterinary medicine

Molecular diagnostic tests for the detection of animal pathogens. 

Thanks to our knowledge and experience in molecular diagnostic techniques, at Genosalut we have developed tests that allow rapid, reliable and accurate detection of animal pathogens. These techniques eliminate one or more of the problems of traditional tests characterised by high price, long analysis time and lack of precision (in different aspects: specificity, sensitivity, ability to distinguish between subspecies/varieties).

Molecular diagnostic tests and kits

Photobacterium damselae species are one of the most devastating bacterial pathogens in marine aquaculture worldwide. These microorganisms are causative agents of photobacteriosis, one of the bacterial diseases that most affect wild and farmed marine species in Europe (especially in the Mediterranean region) and Japan.

At Genosalut we offer both the analysis of samples and an in situ kit that allows us to reliably and accurately detect this bacterial subspecies.

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