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Genetics is entering multiple fields of health care

The advances made in recent years in the fields of genetics and genomics have opened up great opportunities in many areas of medicine and other health-related disciplines (pharmacy, nutrition, dentistry, etc.). So much so that genetic tests have become a useful tool for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of numerous diseases, even in daily clinical practice.

At Genosalut we offer a rigorous interpretation of the results in relation to their clinical applicability. This statistical and significance support is absolutely essential as it provides added value in terms of quality and differentiation with respect to other products on the market.

The growing popularity of genetics and genomics is also reflected in the fact that words such as nutrigenomics and pharmacogenomics are not only common in healthcare but also among the general population.

At Genosalut we are at the disposal of health professionals to carry out the genetic diagnosis tests that you request, to answer your doubts and questions or to attend directly to your patients so that they can receive advice.

If you do not find the desired test, do not hesitate to contact us and we will inform you about the full range of services of our laboratory specialised in human genetics.

We have a wide range of technologies, such as genotyping (Sanger sequencing, Taqman, HRM), molecular cytogenetics (CGH array, fragment analysis) and modern next generation sequencing, NGS (exome, genome, microbiome) techniques to provide optimal patient care and treatment. All these methods and technologies make it possible to detect or rule out diseases that were previously difficult to diagnose, to establish risk profiles and therefore prevention and also to determine optimal treatments for each patient.

We work closely with specialists from many disciplines, especially gynaecologists, paediatricians, neurologists, nutritionists, speech therapists and urologists.

In these sections we will regularly inform you about the general concepts and current topics of human genetics within each health specialty and case studies from daily practice.

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