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Genetics and microbiology in dentistry

Predisposition to certain oral cavity diseases, such as caries and periodontitis, has classically been associated with dysbiosis of the microbial flora. However, in the current concept of infectogenomics of the mouth, genetic factors of the individual are also considered relevant.

Genetic and microbiological studies make it possible to bring the principles of preventive and personalised medicine to the dental practice.

These genetic factors (usually SNPs, single nucleotide polymorphisms) may influence the development of these diseases. In particular on the formation and composition of microbial biofilms, as well as on the immune response to these microorganisms.

Estudios genéticos y microbiológicos en odontología

Which tests do we offer to dentists?

At Genosalut we offer different genetic and microbiological tests for the detection of genetic variants and bacteria associated with an increased risk of various conditions of the oral cavity.

Study of the bacteria and genetic variants that influence the appearance and evolution of periodontitis.

Knowing and successfully managing these factors can determine the success of periodontal treatment and its prognosis, especially in patients with a tendency to develop the most severe forms of this pathology.

Study of the bacteria and genetic variants that influence the appearance and evolution of peri-implantitis.

Knowledge of both the causative bacterial species and genetic predisposition will allow the dentist to: perfect the diagnosis, optimise treatment, determine the frequency of check-ups and improve the quality of his or her service.

Study of the bacteria and genetic variants that influence the appearance and evolution of caries. 

This knowledge will help the dentist to improve the service in terms of preventive, diagnostic and treatment measures, especially in patients with a high predisposition to caries.

Our value proposal


At Genosalut, we have more than 10 years of experience in counselling people with conditions where a genetic cause has been identified or is thought to be possible.


We are a close laboratory, we respond personally and we take the time to explain the report in detail to doctors and patients.

Professional interpretation of results

Because of our knowledge and experience, we are able to accurately interpret genetic results and offer professional advice.

Reference in the field

We are the contact for patients, dentists and clinics in all areas of genetic and microbiological diagnostics and prevention.

What are the benefits of genetic and microbiological studies?

Genetic and microbiological studies for dentists offer solutions and support in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases such as periodontitis, peri-implantitis or caries.


It allows the dentist to determine the best measures to prevent the onset and development of these pathologies and to give individualised advice to his patients.

Optimisation of the therapeutic strategy

Knowledge of bacteria can help to improve antibiotic treatment. This knowledge combined with knowledge of genetic variants can, for example, help determine the likelihood of implant success.

Determination of the follow-up examinations

To optimise the operation of the practice, while minimising the inconvenience to patients due to unnecessary travel.

Personalised medicine

To offer a quality service based on the individual needs of each patient.

In which cases are these studies indicated?

Genetic and microbiological studies for diseases of the oral cavity are particularly recommended in the following cases:


In cases of: refractory and therapy-resistant adult periodontitis, rapidly progressive acute periodontitis and periodontal disease with pocket depth > 4 mm (despite optimal oral hygiene).


In cases of peri-implantitis and before each implant.


In cases of people with a high predisposition to develop caries.

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