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GenoMaterniT+, a safe and reliable non-invasive prenatal test

GenoMaterniT+ is a non-invasive prenatal test that allows early detection of trisomies of chromosomes 21, 18, 13, X and Y in the foetus. It is performed on a sample of maternal blood between weeks 10 and 24 of gestation.

For this purpose, free foetal DNA in maternal blood is analysed by means of massive multiple sequencing and sophisticated statistical analysis.

The method of studying trisomies in maternal blood has a detection rate of more than 99%. Unlike the invasive techniques used in prenatal diagnosis, it does not carry any risk for either the foetus or the mother.

The usual prenatal screening tests (biochemical screening or measurement of nuchal translucency by ultrasound) have limitations. Their detection rate for trisomy 21 is only up to 80% and their false positive rate is 5-10%. In addition, invasive diagnostic tests, such as amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling, carry a risk of miscarriage estimated at 0.5 to 2%.

Who is this non-invasive prenatal test for?

The non-invasive prenatal test GenoMaterniT+:

● Can be performed by all women with single, twin or multiple pregnancies, from the tenth week of gestation.

● It is risk-free, unlike tests such as amniocentesis.

● It is not limited to a specific age range and is considered appropriate for use as a routine screening method.

● It is particularly suitable for women of advanced maternal age.

● It is also highly recommended in cases of altered biochemical screening, ultrasound indications or history of trisomies in the family or previous miscarriages.

● It can be used in women who have undergone an in vitro fertilisation cycle, including those who have become pregnant through egg donation.

What can it detect?

It is the non-invasive alternative to amniocentesis that avoids the risk of losing the baby by allowing the risk of suffering the following chromosomal alterations to be determined with great precision:

● Trisomy of chromosome 21 or Down’s syndrome.

● Trisomy of chromosome 18 or Edwards’ syndrome

● Trisomy of chromosome 13 or Patau’s syndrome

● Sex chromosomes

● Also determines the sex of the baby

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GenoMaterniT+, the non-invasive prenatal test in maternal blood
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