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What your genes say about your ideal diet

Have you ever wondered why some people eat a lot and don’t put on weight? And conversely, why some people, despite a controlled diet, gain weight easily? As you can imagine, a good part of the reason lies in their genes. Although we don’t know the total number of genes involved, knowledge is growing. Here we explain everything you need

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Sports performance: genetics vs. training

We will all have experienced it, the classmate who excelled in all sports. He or she stood out for speed, endurance, coordination and so many other sporting skills. And we’ve all wondered, is it heredity, is there really such a thing as “sport genes”? In this article, we will address this very question and you will discover how our genes

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What is the aim of preventive medicine?

What is preventive medicine? Preventive medicine focuses on the prevention and early detection of diseases, with the clear objective of improving patients’ quality of life. In other words, it focuses on knowing the individual characteristics of each patient with the aim of personalising and optimising their medical care and directing their lifestyle towards goals that will help to look after

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What is personalised medicine?

What is personalised medicine? In personalised medicine, also known as precision medicine, patients are treated according to their individual circumstances. These individual circumstances mainly comprise their genetic background, lifestyle and personal circumstances. Its success is based on individual patient characterisation and appropriate pre-testing to determine what treatment may or may not be considered for a particular patient. The biological complexity

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What is food intolerance?

What is food intolerance? Food intolerance, also known as non-IgE-mediated food hypersensitivity or non-allergic food hypersensitivity, occurs when a person has difficulty digesting certain foods. Differences between food intolerance and food allergy Food intolerances are sometimes confused or mislabelled as food allergies, but they are different phenomena. ● Food allergies trigger strong immune system responses that affect numerous organs in

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